The Wisdom School
  • Freedom & Splendor

    A teaching and meditation with Rajashree Maa

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  • Divine Mother and Her Loveforce

    A live talk and guided meditation with Rajashree Maa

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  • Coming Out of the Cave

    Coming out of hibernation is a question of balanced discernment.

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  • Golden Vajra Trishul for Universal Consciousness

    New guided meditation available in free downloads.

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  • Reiki Sadhana

    Reiki as a Yogic Way of Life

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  • Meditation: Basics and Beyond

    Meditation is both a noun and a verb...

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Upcoming Events

Friday Lunchtime Satsang: Speaking of the Ten Thousand Things

Monday Evening Satsang: A Gathering in Truth

Thursday Guided Meditation and Reiki

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