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Loveforce 2021

Welcome the Loveforce in: 2021

Imagine waking up one day, getting in your car to go to work and all road signs have been torn down and all familiar landmarks demolished overnight. Would you be able to get to your destination?

This is what 2020 has been like for many of us. The external landscapes of our lives have changed and we have had to change course in many ways. The new routes are strange, unknown and untried. Old destinations have changed too. We may no longer “go” to work or school, because they are now right here at home. Even if we go places, those places have been re-organized and re-constructed to maintain physical separation. 

What we have see in 2020 is the external markers we have been following both individually and collectively are not permanent. In fact they are always shifting, and perhaps the destinations they have been taking us to are no longer where we truly want or need to go. Many of the routes we have taken until now have left scars on our earth and have plowed through other people’s rights and dignity. 

We all know that in spite of the promises of vaccines and administrative changes in 2021, the familiar landscapes of our lives have been forever altered. Perhaps our destinations—our goals and intentions—will also transform into something more meaningful, more universal, more earth- and heart-centered. To search out destinations of the heart we will need to learn new routes and navigate by different stars. Can we use our inner radar to find our way to these places of the heart, or will we continue to look for and follow external and outworn signposts?

You probably remember the iconic scene in the original Star Wars Trilogy with Yoda, the very wise Jedi, teaching young master Luke how to use his light saber. Yoda instructs Luke to cover his eyes and ears to feel the force. To find your goal, Yoda explains, “You must unlearn what you have learned.” We must unlearn our old ways of navigating the world. We must do this by tuning in to the force that is the original and underlying principle of this world.
In The Wisdom School we know the underlying universal force as love. We call it the “loveforce” and it pulses through the heart and breath of each one of us. It is the healing and unifying force of all being, the divine mother love at the source of creation. Although it is always present within us we, like master Luke, tend to ignore it when we get distracted by external goals or flashing signs and persuasive words. And we doubt its existence or cannot find it when it is veiled by our fears, doubts and desire for how we want things to be.

What does it take to feel the loveforce that is alive and well deep inside each of us? Maz Kanata, seer and wisewoman of the later Star Wars Trilogy, answers this question beautifully: “Close your eyes, feel it. The light . . . it’s always been there. It will guide you.” Truly, it is as simple as this. Through our meditation and healing practices–our sadhana–all we need do is go within to access the loveforce at the core of our being. The loveforce will guide us.

Turning inward is not always easy, because to experience the loveforce and fully manifest it, not only do we need to reject old pathways but in forging new ones we need to penetrate layers of fear, trauma, sorrow, pain, grief, and anger. It takes courage to be a jedi master. Thankfully, the jedi master has practices and guides. So too we at The Wisdom School have practices and guides on the path. Once we reach our destination of realizing the force within, we are guided from the inside out how to navigate, heal and spread love in our world. I agree with Yoda, “For the force is my ally, and a powerful ally it is.”

2020 has been a year of going inward for many and it appears we will have more months of enforced solitude in 2021. Hopefully in our contemplations we do not turn away from the world, but rather experience it with new eyes–with empathy, compassion and a sense of deep connection and service. I am actually grateful the divine Maa is giving us more time as a culture to unlearn our old reliance on external gratifications and to really learn how to access the force within. As a society we need the practice.

May the universal loveforce be with us all in 2021. May it guide us and help us to see with the inner eyes of wisdom, light and truth the clearest route to global healing and peace for all.

In limitless love,
Rajashree Maa

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