The Wisdom School

About The Wisdom School

The Wisdom School was founded primarily to usher Kali-Ki Reiki™, a new lineage of reiki energy healing, into the world. Kali-Ki was revealed to Rajashree Maa (Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.) beginning in 2008 through a series of meditative visions, symbols and messages from the Divine Mother.

The message was clear that this new healing lineage is intended for the challenging times we currently find ourselves in as a species struggling to survive on this planet. Kali-Ki Reiki is the force of limitless love—the source of all— received, channeled and transmitted through light. It is clear that the light of Kali-Ki Reiki is needed now.

The theme of The Wisdom School, “Healing into the Heart of Consciousness” conveys the purpose of Kali-Ki Reiki as a path to both spiritual awakening, or what we call “wisening,” as well as to bring balance and healing to the physical, emotional, mental and psychic and soul levels of being.

In the true spirit of the meaning of the word “yoga”—to unite or link, Kali-Ki Reiki was born out of the union of Usui Reiki and non-dual Yoga practices. In The Wisdom School we honor the truths found within all mystical traditions. We embrace yogic practices, the limitless love of Christ consciousness, and shamanic healing techniques that include the use of sound, crystals and movement.

The Wisdom School Students
The Wisdom School Students

Wisdom School Training

We consider Kali-Ki Reiki and Meditation to be the two wings of practice that allow students of The Wisdom School to soar. We provide training in all levels of Kali-Ki reiki and meditation practice, from beginner to the Sacred Flame Advanced Master.

Traditional Usui Reiki training is integrated into every level of Kali-Ki Training. Training can be in classes or through individual mentoring, in person or at distance.

Students take this training to learn to be powerful healers and for advancement on their spiritual path.

Kali-Ki Reiki training includes initiation through a series of “attunements.” Kali-Ki Reiki practitioners learn symbols and practices that promote healing and wellness on physical, emotional, mental, psychic and and soul levels.

The Kali-Ki Reiki symbols are light-forms that vibrate at various frequencies. They tap into the vibratory frequencies of the physical body as well as what in Yoga is known as the subtle or energy body. They activate the loveforce already within each of us to restore harmony where there is imbalance, light where there has been darkness, and love where there has been fear. The symbols unite our awareness with our true nature which is light, love, truth and wisdom—the divine within.

At all levels of Kali-Ki Reiki Training the student looks deeply into the nature of being and how to come into our fullness through healing and deep meditation.

Kali-Ki Reiki™ First Level

Typically a two-day class, First Level Kali-Ki Reiki Training offers:

  • Learning to heal in person or at distance
  • Attunement or initiation to three Kali-Ki and three Usui symbols
  • Experiential understanding of universal love force energy
  • A new paradigm of time, space and matter.
  • Protocols and practice for in-person and distant healing
  • Protection and empowerment of our own energy
  • Techniques for healing self, friends, family and all living things
  • Seeing Kali-Ki as a pathway to spiritual wisening

Kali-Ki Reiki™ Second Level

Taught over 2-3 days, Second Level offers:

  • Attunement to five advanced Kali-Ki symbols
  • Development and expansion of psychic intuition
  • Connection to angels, guides and cosmic realms
  • Tools for shamanic healing and journeying
  • Healing past trauma and preventing future disaster
  • Clearing chakras and karmic patterns
  • Harmonizing with the divine loveforce

Kali-Ki Reiki™ Master Level

The Master Path is a one year program of group instruction, practice and private mentoring with the Master Teacher:

  • Attunement to Kali-Ki, Usui and other Master Symbols
  • Know your Mastery not as doing but being reiki.
  • Become a beacon of healing presence
  • Learn to assist souls through life and death transitions
  • DROPPP (Deep Release of Persistent Pain Patterns) method to release deep-seated trauma and karmic obstacles.
  • Continual wisening and manifesting your dharma (purpose) as a healer and beacon of light in the world.

Sacred Flame Reiki

A whole new level of reiki healing. Embraces the loveforce as the limitless love of divine mother at the heart of Christ Consciousness and all healing and wisening.

Sacred Flame is a two day retreat of attunement to new symbols and supremely subtle energy fields of love, healing and wholeness. Open to Kali-Ki Reiki Master Level Practitioners.


As the awareness of the Kali-Ki Reiki practitioner expands and sensitivity to subtle energies increases, a regular meditation practice becomes essential.

The Wisdom School Student
The Wisdom School Student

Students who regularly practice both Kali-Ki Reiki and meditation become more adept healers and experience more positive changes in their lives. Practitioners remain grounded in the face of adversity.

Meditation training and initiation is offered at all levels of Kali-Ki Reiki training:

  • Chanting and Pranayam (breath control) help to release imbalances and balance energies in the system, allowing for deeper access into the heart of consciousness.
  • Guided meditations allow the student to experience the healing potency of the Kali-Ki Symbols; expand intuitive wisdom and awareness; and transcend the limits of ordinary consciousness.
  • Silent mantra meditation opens the awareness to the true nature of the self and the Oneness of being.

Together meditation and reiki together strengthen the ‘spiritual muscle’ so that transformation occurs in equanimity and there is spaciousness for joy and stability amidst the busyness and challenges of life on earth. Meditation and Reiki are the two wings of Kali-Ki Wisdom School because together they allow one to soar through the vast skies of consciousness.

Community and Service

The Wisdom School is steeped in kula, the yogic term for sacred community. As kula we meet with one another in person and at distance to share reiki healing and grow in consciousness. In community, we tap more deeply into the healing energies that flow through us, in us and as us.

We have two online and in-person gatherings each week: Monday Evening Satsang with Rajashree Maa: and Thursday Morning Meditation and Healing Practice with hosts Joe Martinez and Rajshree Maa. All are welcome to join.

Kali-Ki Meditation Days are held 2-4 times a year and we also have an annual retreat.

Reiki is a service of love. We offer volunteer services to those in need, such as hospice patients, victims and first responders in times of disaster. We welcome invitations from community groups to offer reiki and meditation for stress reduction.

The power of community magnifies the Light within each of us and is the true meaning of Namaste.

Private Healing Sessions

Certified Kali-Ki Reiki Practitioners are available to work confidentially with you or your loved ones in-person or at distance.

Healing sessions activate the loveforce within you, bringing relief to all stress related physical and emotional distress and dis-ease. Kali-Ki Reiki eases pain, releases trauma and untangles karmic knots. It being light to where there is darkness and harmonizes chakra and system imbalances. Kali-Ki Reiki practitioners honor your privacy and work collaboratively with other healing modalities and professions.

Someone once said a Kali-Ki Reiki session is like a long drink of water to a thirsty person, or a massage from the inside out.