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Kali: Goddess of Transformation
Kali: Goddess of Transformation

Kali-Ki Reiki is a new lineage of reiki healing energy for the current times.  Based in and incorporating Usui Reiki, Kali-Ki offers a whole new range of symbols and practices and accesses 

The ‘Kali’ of Kali-Ki refers to the esoteric yogic understanding of Kali as the shakti or power of consciousness and its transformation.  ‘Ki’ refers to the subtle energy which activates and maintains the functioning of the body, mind, and spirit of the individual.  The Japanese word ‘ki’ is similar to ‘chi’ in Chinese medicine and ‘prana’ in the yoga tradition.

The Kali-Ki symbols are light-forms of divine energy that serve to unlock and open portals to healing and wholeness.  The Kali-Ki symbols heal on all levels of the human system: physical, vital-emotional, mental-intellectual, and psychic-intuitive.  The advanced symbols lead one into yogic samadhi states, expanding consciousness and spiritual awakening. We call this awakening, “wisening” as it is the manifestation of divine wisdom within the human soul.

As a wisdom path, Kali-Ki Reiki awakens us to the limitless love at the core of all beings and all creation.   Wisdom appears to us as the feminine force of the divine, as She has appeared throughout history in the forms of Great Mother, Gaia, Kundalini, Saraswati, Isis, Nut, Shekinah, Sophia, Athena, Tara, Kwan Yin, Holy Spirit, Mary and even the Motherhood of Christ as referred to by the Christian mystic Julian of Norwich.

We understand the transformation of consciousness as a prerequisite to all healing and wisening. Even the physical cannot be healed without a shift or opening in one’s awareness of the energies that move within us. In the yogic tradition, the goddess Kali is the mother force of transformation, constantly creating, sustaining, dissolving and recreating.  

It is through the transformation power of Kali that this new lineage was revealed to our founder, Rajashree Maa (aka Kalisara, Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.)  The symbols were transmitted to her through a series of visions starting in 2008 with the most recent symbol received in 2019.  Rajashree Maa was told by Kali that these symbols and this lineage were intended for bringing light and healing into this age of darkness.

Healing means to come into our wholeness, whatever we are experiencing, or wherever we are in this moment.  Kali-Ki Reiki restores us to wholeness by activating and harmonizing the human system within itself and its environment.  It creates ease where there was disease and light where there was darkness.

What is Reiki Loveforce Energy?

Traditionally the word reiki has been interpreted as universal life force energy–the energy that runs through all that is. 

In Kali-Ki we call this universal energy the ‘loveforce’ because it is the energy of unconditioned and limitless love–the energy of the divine–that is both the source and force of everything.

In Kali-Ki, the reiki loveforce is seen as the shimmering light of consciousness and is felt as the force of love, which is the force of wholeness and harmony.

Reiki loveforce is the energy of the divine feminine and of the Christ consciousness.

It is the greatest power of all. It is already flowing through all of us.  Kali-Ki Reiki activates and empowers its healing grace.

How Does Kali-Ki Reiki Heal?

Because everything is energy vibrating and pulsing at various rates and frequencies, we understand Kali-Ki Reiki to work within systems to activate what may have been depleted; calm what has gone into overdrive; recalibrate and restore balance where there is disharmony; re-establish harmony in relationships with other beings and the environment; and increase awareness of the loveforce that flows through all of us.

When we tap into Reiki energy to heal ourselves and others, love fills the emptiness, seals the gaps and mends the brokenness in bodies, minds and hearts. The physical being is reunited with its source.  The ego self recognizes the Self of the soul.

Creating profound relaxation, the natural healing properties of the body are activated through Kali-Ki Reiki healing. Stress is relieved and clarity of thought and intention create a sense of  well-being and optimism.

As energy, reiki is not limited by our mental restrictions on time, space, and matter. Reiki heals through healing touch and at distance through time and space.  It relieves past trauma, clears karmas and rebalances the chakras and the energy systems that support the physical.

Kali-Ki Reiki helps to release physical, emotional, mental and psychic blockages so that there is a sense of ease and well-being.  We say, “Release, then ease.”  This ease brings symptoms relief and sometimes complete amelioration.  It restores balance and a sense of well-being to  body and soul.

There is an elegant simplicity in reiki healing, and once attuned by a Kali-Ki Reiki Master, anyone can learn to practice reiki for themselves and others.

The Sacred Yoga of Healing

Kali-Ki Reiki is considered the sacred yoga of healing because it brings union (the true meaning of “yoga”) to body, mind, soul, and consciousness, thus promoting optimal functioning, health, and the wisening of spiritual awakening.

While tapping deeply into the wisdom and practices of the yoga tradition–such as pranayam (breath control) meditation and the chakras and energy systems of the human body–Kali-Ki Reiki remains an inter-spiritual path in that we honor all mystical traditions.  We have many expressions of the one Truth, and as yogis and students of wisdom, we welcome all explorations into the mysteries of being. 

The Truth we know is that as we heal into the heart of consciousness, we become receivers and transmitters of the sacred loveforce, and we become more wholly what we have always been.

Kali-Ki Reiki Principles

In this present moment do not anger.

In this present moment do not worry.

In this present moment allow karma to dissolve.

In this present moment be grateful.

In this present moment be compassionate to self and others.