The Wisdom School

About Our Founder

Rajashree Maa

(aka Kalisara, Joan ‘Joni’ Dittrich, Ph.D.)

Usui Shiki Rhyoho Reiki Master, Holy Fire Reiki III Master

Founder and Master Teacher, Kali-Ki Reiki & The Wisdom School

“The light is One and cannot be divided.”

Sri Abhinavagupta

Practical Mysticism

I like to think of myself as what Br. Wayne Teasdale refers to as a “practical mystic.” From a very early age I would often see the light that shines within and through people and nature. And I was certain that this light was something that if everyone could see, all would be well.

From the play of light and motion on ocean waves to visionary experiences of light taking the form of healing reiki symbols, for me the notion of “enlightenment” has always been literal.  It is the divine light of being in which there is no separation between self and god and all is truly One. 

Rajashree Maa
Rajashree Maa

This divine light is within every human being and is simply waiting to be manifested. I called the gradual awakening of the mystical consciousness “wisening.”

The practical part has been in discovering the means for actually abiding in this light while living in a world which is a constant play between darkness and light. How can we heal from the darkness of our fears, broken relationships, trauma, anger, despair, loss, addictions and illness?

In short, how do humans overcome what the Buddha referred to as “dukkha” or the suffering inherent in the play of consciousness?  How can we find our deeper wholeness when we feel broken?

My Path included Psychology, Yoga and Meditation

These questions led me to the contemplation and study of psychology and the world’s religious and mystical traditions. From a young age I was particularly drawn to the practices of yoga and meditation.

All of these paths offered solace and self-awareness, compassion and wisdom and gave me tools to share with others as a teacher and psychologist.

As a psychologist I saw how sometimes excruciatingly honest self-inquiry can yield insight into and remove destructive patterns of thought and behavior.

As a yoga teacher and practitioner I saw how emotional blockages got stuck in the mind and body, and how breath and movement can release trauma, stress and limiting self-beliefs.

As a practitioner and teacher of deep meditation I experienced how the practice dissolves the self-importance of the ego while releasing into the peace of knowing one’s own true nature as one with its divine source.

But still there seemed to be a missing element . . . 

Miracles  Occurred

Always fascinated by the biblical stories of Jesus’ miraculous healings, I also began to study energy healing in the 1990’s, taking classes in Usui Reiki and Christian laying on of hands.  Indeed, miracles did occur.

I was astonished when I observed in clients what I couldn’t explain: the restoration of eyesight, remissions from cancer, and the reversal of suicidal depression.

As an energy healer I began to see how the careful interweaving of the three main areas of my contemplation— Psychology, Yoga and Meditation, and Reiki – was leading to some very powerful and positive outcomes for clients and students.

In 2008, shortly after completion of a year long Reiki Master Apprenticeship with Connee Pike (aka Amita Llamo) and initiating a ten year course of study in Meditation and Kashmir Shaivism with Paul Muller-Ortega, the streams of my life came together and merged into what are now Kali-Ki Reiki and The Wisdom School.

Symbols and Messages Came

I began to receive messages and symbols from Mother Kali, sometimes while in deep meditation, sometimes in dreams and sometimes in waking consciousness. For me, Kali is the force of Divine Wisdom and Love, the force of transformation, sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce in her dedication to helping us to see both our errors and our right path and dharma. I consider her to be one with all aspects of the Divine Feminine and Great Mother:  Mary, Tara, Kwan Yin, Sophia, Shekina, Ishtar, Isis and Holy Spirit.

The symbols I was given were dancing forms of light that shine in multiple dimensions. She told me that these symbols were coming into the world now because they vibrate at frequencies needed to heal the energies of these times.  They are meant to heal and awaken individuals; to heal our Mother in the form of Gaia, and to dispel the dark energies of hatred, war and disease.  She told me the wisdom of these symbols has always existed but now it was time to bring it to this planet.

And so Kali-Ki Reiki and The Wisdom School were born.

Wisening from the Inside Out

As a healer and lover of life, I am grateful for these mystical experiences and the practicality of being able to pass them along to others in the form of Kali-Ki Reiki.

As a yogi I recognize that wisening is a process of ever-deepening experience of letting go into the light within and finding the path for manifesting and shining that light into the world.  Even as I teach Kali-Ki Reiki and Meditation, I continue my own wisening practices of self-healing and self-inquiry. I turn to the teachings of my own beloved guru, Swami Sri Atmananda, and to the guru within.

The word “guru” means that which removes the darkness.  It is my experience that the wisdom of Kali-Ki Reiki works like a cloth of golden light, wiping away the dirt on the mirrors of our souls so that we may receive and reflect the ever-shining light and loveforce of the one light that truly cannot be divided.

Anyone who hears the call for healing and wisening from the inside out is invited to walk with me on this wisening path we call Kali-Ki Reiki.