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MaaDas ~ (Joe Martinez)

MaaDas (Joe Martinez) signs his emails with a quote from the Dalai Lama: “Our primary purpose in life is to serve others.”  Maadas is one of those rare and gifted beings who exemplifies that statement.

Maadas is a Certified End of Life Specialist (CEOLS) and was awarded Volunteer of the Year at both Collabria Care Hospice and Health Services and QVMC in 2019. MaaDas has helped numerous families and individuals to cope with the pain and the deep transformations in spiritual awareness that often accompany diagnosis of terminal illness and transitioning from life to death.

As a Certified Kali-Ki Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, MaaDas offers the wisdom and compassion of his experience to help free you of your physical, emotional and spiritual struggles. He offers powerful guided meditations as co-host, along with Rajashree Maa, of The Wisdom School’s Thursday Morning Guided Meditation and Healing Practice Group. As Assistant Teacher to the Master Path Program, MaaDas is available to guide and answer questions from Kali-Ki Reiki students at all levels of training. MaaDas also serves on The Wisdom School Advisory Council.

MaaDas’ Catholic heritage gave him his initial experiences of his beloved Maa, the Divine Mother. His own direct experience of the Divine Feminine is realized in his loving and compassionate presence. As lay volunteer Eucharistic minister of the Catholic Church he still performs rites within the tradition.  MaaDas focuses on what will make the lives of his clients better in this present moment, even if it’s just to hold their hand, listen to them or pray with him.

MaaDas (Joe Martinez) is available for private Kali-Ki Reiki healing sessions for anyone in need, and when the time comes for you or your family, he can also guide end of life care.

MaaDas often says, “I am here for you.” And indeed when he works with you, you feel the truth in that.

MaaDas can be reached at or at


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