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Noelle Joy

Noelle Joy is a Certified Kali-Ki Reiki Practitioner, Kali-Ki Reiki Teaching Master, Certified Hatha Yoga instructor and sound healing practitioner, and she serves on The Wisdom School Advisory Council. Noelle brings her beautiful singing and speaking voice into leading chants and offering guided meditations at the Thursday Morning Reiki Practice and Healing Circle Group.

She integrates all these healing, movement and sound modalities to create a harmonious experience for those she works with. Her belief is that the body and breath work offered in yoga asana accompanied by vibrational adjustments through instruments and voice, prepare the individual to recognize their wholeness. Reiki love can in this way be uniquely experienced at a deeply personal level as one is able to find the open heart to receive true union.

Noelle has a passion for helping people suffering from all form of addictions whether it is substance or behavior. Her own life experience and struggle to overcome her dependence on unhealthy coping strategies enables true empathy and compassion. The path to freedom for Noelle has been and IS through greater mind body awareness and connection to her true life’s purpose. These transformative gifts have been found through yoga, sound healing, meditation and Kali-Ki Reiki. Her heartfelt aspiration is to share the treasure she has found. She knows that she is not the instrument of healing for others. Her role is that of a guide to show others that they too can find their inner source to heal from within.

Available offerings include private Kali-Ki Reiki sessions, private and semi-private Hatha yoga instruction, sound healing with crystal bowls, voice, and other instruments. Combination sessions are composed for each individual client are a specialty as they are designed specifically for each recipient. She also offers workshops and private group events.

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