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Rajashree Maa (Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.)

The founder of Kali-Ki Reiki & Wisdom School, Kali-Ki Reiki Master Teacher, Usui and Holy Fire III Reiki Master, creator of the DROPPP Method and is also a Teacher of Hatha Yoga and Meditation. She is a devotee of the Divine Mother and of Swami Sri Atmananda and the yoga of the Bhagavad Gita. Rajashree Maa’s practical approach to mysticism and her limitless love for all beings have illumined students’ wisening paths since the school’s inception in 2008.

Rajashree Maa is available for one on one spiritual mentoring and guidance; private healing consultations; Kali-Ki Reiki sessions; and DROPPP (Deep Release of Persistent Pain Patterns) method treatment for trauma release.

Rajashree teaches all levels of Kali-Ki Reiki, offers Satsang every Monday Evening, and co-hosts Thursday Guided Meditation and Healing Practice with Kali-Ki Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Joe Martinez. Additionally she teaches all levels of Kali-Ki Reiki, offers Meditation Days 2-4 times a year and guides advanced students in a bi-monthly group called Wisening and Self-Inquiry.

A student of world religions in college, Rajashree pursued graduate theological studies and later earned her doctorate in psychology. For over 30 years she practiced as a psychotherapist helping people to traverse the rough seas of life. Now she works with students as a spiritual guide, helping them dive beneath life’s surface waves to find the peace and wholeness always waiting to be discover at the depths of the being.

Rajashree Maa offers loving guidance as you explore and discover your own path to wholeness, healing and wisening. She invites you to experience the limitless love of the Divine Mother as your own consciousness transforms, awakens, and wisens so that you too, may become a beacon of light in the world.


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