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Rhonda Slota

Rhonda Harris Slota is a Certified Kali-Ki Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Practitioner and Teacher.  She is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP) and a Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist (CAYT). She is a retired principal and teacher from Napa Valley Unified School District, and co-founder of Vallejo Yoga Studio where she teaches Hatha Yoga on Saturdays at 10:15 am and Yoga Nidra the first Sunday of each month.

Having practiced Yoga for over 40 years and overcome the effects of several major illnesses, Rhonda is a compassionate and experienced healer. As she continues to manage her own physical, mental and spiritual health through the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and spiritual principles, she is well-qualified to guide you in your own journey to wellness. And indeed, this is her passion in life.

Rhonda experienced the restoration of her own sight when she was five years old, being the daughter of a fundamentalist faith healer. Always aware of and deeply connected to the Divine, she knew there was another path for her. That way was provided by Paramahansa Yogananda whose Self Realization Fellowship, a “church of all religions,” brought the spiritual teachings of the east and west together.  She has been a devotee for many years.

Rhonda’s goal is to create a nurturing, positive environment, encouraging individuals to reach for and develop their full potentials, and thrive!  She views Yoga, Meditation and Reiki as pathways to emotional, psychological and spiritual growth.  She helps individuals in a gentle compassionate way, in person and on-line, to recognize their own uniqueness and current imbalances. She provides the tools, guidance and support for developing and maintaining an individualized path to healing.

Rhonda Slota is available for Kali-Ki Reiki healing sessions and will also work with you to provide diet, lifestyle and spiritual counseling and support.

Please contact Rhonda at (707) 333 4456 or:

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