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Deeper in the Cave: Part 2 of Coming Out of the Cave

Beloveds, Since my blog on “Coming Out of the Cave” many of you have thoughtfully shared your hopes and concerns about re-emerging from our collective pandemic hibernation. And, for many of us, the contemplation deepens. Coming upon this time of Easter, I am aware of the symbolism of Jesus and the[…]

Golden Sun by Sandra Lee

Coming Out Of The Cave

Beloved Beings, It’s Spring in the Napa Valley and the vineyards are bursting with golden mustard flowers. The time is coming for us to exit our caves. With many of us already vaccinated, and the rest in the queues, what does it mean to be emerging from our collective covid[…]

Being Gratitude

Beloved,Perhaps today, like many, you are contemplating your blessings. Some of you, I know, are digging deep through the muck of this covid year to find the treasures buried within. Like you, I have had surprise blessings amidst unexpected challenges this year. I could count some of these off for you, the greatest[…]

Loveforce 2021

Welcome the Loveforce in: 2021 Imagine waking up one day, getting in your car to go to work and all road signs have been torn down and all familiar landmarks demolished overnight. Would you be able to get to your destination? This is what 2020 has been like for many of[…]