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A conversation on Presence in Transition ~ Saturday, October 30, 2021 ~ 2:00 – 4:00 pm Pacific

As a Spiritual Care volunteer and a Kali-Ki Reiki Master Maadas (Joe Martinez) will provide an avenue to some insight into an individual’s view of their own death and the death of others. The path that one chooses to interpret the final stage of life and existence after death and to cope with one’s mortality is her or his own path.

The dying process at work is on the emotional-spiritual-mental plane, and is a different kind of process. There are no givens in life nor preconceived ideas of what is to be. There are numerous perspectives and interpretations of death and afterlife. We speak with open minds of the process bringing our limitless love to comfort and support all who will be affected by this transition.

This is an in-person and open forum to share with Love and Gratitude to all who attend.


Kali-Ki Reiki Master Maadas (Joe Martinez)

Cost $25.00

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