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First Level Kali-Ki Reiki ~ 2 Day Session February 4, 2023 & TBD

Kali-Ki Reiki is the activation of the life energy or what we call the ‘Loveforce’ of the Divine Mother or the sacred feminine energy that we all possess. By attuning to the universal loveforce energy at the core of all being, the natural wholeness and harmony of life can be restored.

In this First Level class you will learn to unlock this healing potential and give Kali-Ki Reiki healing to family and friends. You will learn how to give healing to yourself and others in person and at distance. The class employs didactic teaching, breath work and guided visualizations as well as hands-on healing practices.

Part one will be held exclusively in person at:

Vallejo Yoga, 532 Georgia St. in Vallejo, CA

Saturday, February 4, 2023, 1:00 – 6:00 pm.

Space is limited, Masks are optional

Part two: To be determined at first session


For more information and to register contact:

707-333-4456 (call or text)

Or see form below

Awaken the healing power through which that subtle loveforce energy flows!

With Rhonda Slota – Certified Kali-Ki Reiki Master and Teacher.



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