The Wisdom School

June 2021 ~ Summer Meditation Day

Preparing for the Summer Solstice
Meditation Day Sunday
June 13, 2021 ~ 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM Pacific



What is Limitless Love?  How can we know it?  In Meditation, Limitless Love shines as Divine Light.  As Summer Solstice approaches, the external light of the sun shines brightly.  And yet there is an inner light that shines even more radiantly. This is the light of deep meditation and it allows us to see all through the lens of Divine Love.

Join Rajashree Maa (Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.) and The Wisdom School for a day of exploration of the Light of Limitless Love that shines in the hearts of each one of us.
      • Guided Breath Meditations
      • Silent Meditation Practice
      • Mantras of Light and Purification
      • Bringing Light to the Darkness
      • Being a Light in the World



For beginners and advanced practitioners alike. We all enrich one another.

“Trust yourself. At the root, at the core, there is pure sanity, pure openness. . . Deeper than that, trust the silence of your being.”

― Gangaji


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