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Why We Practice Reiki

Why We Practice Reiki

Reiki is one of two wings of Kali-Ki Wisdom School: Meditation and Reiki Healing. Anyone who has these two practices finds that life can take flight: opening doors of wisdom and opportunity in unexpected ways.

We practice Reiki in order to understand the Universal Life Force energy, which is the energy of the divine, with the source of all. We also practice Reiki in order to heal all that is wounded and constricted within.

Once we begin to recognize how the Life Force flows through us and as us, a new kind of healing takes place. Reiki can heal on physical, emotional, mental, and karmic levels. It helps us to release trauma and relax into the essence of our own being. It increases health and happiness and allows us to experience greater understanding and harmony in our relationships. Reiki helps us to accept the challenges life presents and eases loss, grief, and the pain of illness and life transitions.

Receiving a Reiki healing is often described like a massage from the inside out. A Reiki treatment does not require the manipulation of muscle or tissues and it can be done at distance.

Anyone can learn to give Reiki to themselves or others. Reiki draws on the natural healing abilities inherent in all of us. When one takes a Reiki class, an “attunement” is given by the teacher to the student. The attunement activates the Reiki energy in the student and permits the student to direct that energy toward healing. When properly activated, Reiki is necessarily in alignment with the highest good. It can do no harm to the recipient or the giver.

Kali-Ki Reiki classes offer both traditional Usui Reiki and a whole new set of advanced symbols and practices derived from the wisdom of the yoga tradition. Kali-Ki Reiki is perfectly suited to the healing needs of our tumultuous and transforming world and personal lives.

Kali-Ki Reiki classes are available for beginners as well as long-time Reiki Masters. Classes delve deeply into the nature of energy and also focus on the theory and practice of meditation.

Kali-Ki Reiki pulsates with the vibrations of healing and wholeness and, paired with a deep meditation practice, progressively enlightens the consciousness of the practitioner.

We look forward to connecting with each of you and walking this path of light with you. Reiki works!